Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Business Plan Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Plan - Research Proposal Example The shop will not only serve as a bakery, but a small dine in place for people who wish to come alone, have business meetings or with friends & family. The pricing of our products will be premium as we target the high end and upper middle class segment of the market. This segment is diet conscious and wants substitutes of high fat, unhealthy food items. The business plan talks in detail about our strategy, our operations, future plans, financials and industry analysis. 2) Company Description We aim to start a bakery business targeted at the upper middle class, health and diet conscious people. The business will mainly sell products ranging from cakes, cookies and snacks that are sugar free and healthier than normal bakery items. The idea is to give a taste of sweet to diet conscious people with a variety of items. The shop will be located in New York in the beginning and we aim to expand to other cities in next 5 years. Our company will be a private limited entity. 3) Products The ra nge The bakery provides freshly prepared bakery items at all times during business operations. Our product portfolio can be seen in Appendix A. We have decided to keep these 13 as our initial offering after a lot of research into eating habits of our target customers. Our products will belong to the high end, branded, premium high quality category. Sizes There will be different serving sizes for each of the desserts and snacks. Cakes would be served in full size, half size and as single pieces. The cookies would be sold as single unit and snacks will also be sold as single items. 4) Target Market The target market as described earlier are high end, upper middle class diet conscious people who wish to add some sweet in their life by having healthier, sugar free bakery items. Our target population is also increasing in size, with more awareness of the diseases associated with large consumption of sugar and other unhealthy products, and people opting for a healthier life style. And plu s American love desserts; they want something for their sweet tooth after every meal. 5) Business Strategy Our business focuses on serving a niche market by offering quality and premium food products. We want to create high end products for our target market, because they value quality. To achieve these objectives, we will provide the following: Quality baked goods for diet conscious people to enjoy at a premium price. Friendly and lively atmosphere Special diet menus formulated by the advice of local healthcare providers and nutritionists. We will initially start with offering 13 varieties of bakery items to be kept in the bakery, which includes cakes, desserts, snacks, cookies, and savory items. We will start our operation in a posh area of New York City, where our target population is dense. We will include a card of nutritional value attached with each of our products so that our customers become aware of what they are purchasing. Initially we will start with attracting customer s by giving out samples of our best items at Shopping Malls and Grocery Stores. 6) Marketing & Sales Strategy We will be offering different promotional strategies such

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